Friday, December 16, 2011

Ford Releases Energi Internal Dimensions

C-Max Hybrid
Couple of days back, Ford quitely put out an updated version of the C-Max Hybrid & Energi specifications document to coincide with the press conference about Focus Electric and Hybrid efficiencies. The most important piece of new information in the document is the internal dimensions. Ford had earlier only released external dimensions. There are some surprises in the spec as well.

We will get to the dimensions in a minute. But, before that, a few other things the spec reveals.

C-Max Hybrid will be 3,682 lb. Energi will be 3,986 lb, an 8% increase over the Hybrid. Infact it will be the heaviest of all the hybrids & PHEVs in the table below, except for Fisker Karma.

The 2-liter I-4 Atkinson engine will be made in Mexico. Both the Hybrid & Energi will use the same engine. System power is rated at 185 HP and 130 lb. ft. of torque, which is probably the combination of the engine and the motor. Volt for eg. has a 80 HP engine and a 149 HP Motor for a total of 149 HP system power. Prius has 134 HP. Total system power by weight ratio is 4.6% for Energi, compared to 3.9% and 4.2% for Volt & Prius. So, Energi should have plenty of power.

The other bit of news is that Energi will have a 14 gallon gas tank - a little higher than the 13.5 gallons of the Hybrid. A little surprising. Ford has been saying Energi will have a higher range than Volt at 500 miles. With 14 gallons - that would be very easy to achieve even if Energi gives 35 MPG in charge sustaining mode - with just 10 mile EV range. Given that Hybrid is supposed to be better than Prius v's 40 MPG, Energi shouldn't be too far behind.

The 8% higher weight indicates a 6% cut to MPG - so should be atleast 37 MPG. But the fact that they actually increased the gas tank of Energi compared to Hybrid (probably) to achieve the 500 mile range is a little troubling. With a 13.5 gallon tank, at 35 mpg, if Energi has 30 miles of EV range, the total range comes to 502 miles. So, either Energi's mileage is less than 35 MPG or the EV range is less than 30 miles or Ford decided to be a little conservative and increased the tank to 14 gallons.

Now, the surprising thing about internal dimensions is that Energi's numbers are exactly the same as C-Max Hybrid's - except for the cargo volume. I had speculated in my last post - when talking about the lower cargo volume in Energi compared to the Hybrid - that the rear seats may be raised, cutting the head-room. Apparently not.

I'll have a separate post on how I think Ford has managed to keep same internal dimentsion - except for the cargo volume. Briefly, looks like the battery is below the cargo area and the rear seats. This has reduced the cargo volume behind the 2nd row of seats (by 5 cu. ft.), as well as additional reduction (total 10 cu. ft.) behind the front row of seats. So, even though when folded, the rear seats sit higher in Energi than in the Hybrid, when not folded they sit in the same position - giving exactly the same room for rear passengers in Energi as you will get in the Hybrid.

A neat trick, if they have managed to also keep the floor flat after folding the rear seats.


  1. Thx for the grat article EV, init you state:"So, even though when folded, the rear seats sit higher in Energi than in the Hybrid, when not folded they sit in the same position - giving exactly the same room for rear passengers in Energi as you will get in the Hybrid."

    I don't understand how this is possible. Please elaborate a little on this. Seems to me if the batteries are under the rear seats , the seat must be higher in the not folded position.

  2. @GeorgeS "I don't understand how this is possible."

    Exactly, on the face of it it looks not possible. I'll have a new post on how this might happen.

    Ofcourse, the other possibility is that the specs for Energi are wrong :(

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